Bactakleen MVK-2 and MVK-3

The MVK-1 is designed to use Marvakleen to disinfect air spaces like bedrooms and offices. It is able to cover up to 100 Square meters silently and comes with a timer for better application control. The large tank allows it to fold sufficient solution to disinfect many areas without needing to refill regularly.

The configurable attachment allows the user a choice of 4 directions for dispensing. MVK-1 disinfects the air quickly and more efficiently, PLUS it’s non-toxic!

BT828 Thermal Sanitising Fogger

BT828 is developed specifically to be used only with the Ultra Mist Solution. It instantly kills up to 99% of bacteria and mold spores in the air conditioning system.

Bactakleen is applicable to all industries below:

• Automotive

• Homes and Offices

• Industrial

• Education

• Medical

• Fitness and Well-being

• Food and Beverage

• Shopping and Retail

• Hospitality

• Entertainment and Recreation

• Tourism and Cultural

• Transit

• Non-profit Organisations

BT888 Industrial Fogger

The BT888 is an industrial machine for large areas and works within seconds of the treatment starting.

Fumigation of rooms for immediate results

Fumigation of toilets for immediate results

Fumigation of air conditioning systems for immediate results

Spray-on anti-bacterial coating for door handles, faucet taps, kitchen taps, handrails, elevator walls and buttons, escalator handrails, air conditioning vents, computer keyboard and mouse, toilet bowls, table tops and walls for long term protection